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We have a history of supplying rough diamonds to the world market.We have established a long-term strategic alliance with world famous luxury retailer Tiffany & Co. and Alon now in the final stages of developing the near-term production capable Krone-Endora at Venetia Project (“Krone-Endora”or “the Project”). Krone-Endora was successfully acquired from DeBeers in Februaury of 2009 and is located directly adjacent to the third largest diamond mine in the world, DeBeers flagship Venetia Mine. The Project’s near surface deposits have been identified as being the direct result of the shift and erosion of material from the higher grounds of the adjacent Venetia kimberlites giving the Company the rare potential to provide low-cost, near-term, sustained rough diamond production from a known source at a time when rough diamond shortages are increasing. Extensive exploration, drilling, bulk sampling, and an initial NI43-101 have been completed, and the finalization of site preparations, infrastructure, and the construction of a modular processing plant are now nearing completion. In addition to the ongoing development and expansion of Krone-Endora, the Company’s strategy is the continued identification, acquisition, and operation of quality production based diamond projects which demonstrate the potential to further increase its yearly production levels and support the long-term objectives of its shareholders and strategic alliance partner.


We are one of the  Shareholders and operates with heavy crude oil refineries in Big Spring, Texas, and  Paramount, Long Beach and Bakersfield, California (collectively known as our California refineries).

With a refining capacity of nearly 217,000 barrels per day, California refineries produce several grades of clean-burning gasoline, ultra-low-sulfur diesel, jet fuel, specialty chemicals and advanced-performance asphalt products for road construction. refinery pipesUltra-low-sulfur diesel produced takes less energy to refine than gasoline and burns cleaner than gasoline, producing more power more efficiently. It also can be refined and distributed within the existing infrastructure.

These high-demand products prove that environmentally superior state-of-the-art products do not exclusively require significant investment in new technology but are possible using today’s resources. It is this philosophy that is guiding Offshore Energy to the forefront of the energy industry.

With refining, asphalt and retail/branded marketing operations across the western and south-central regions of the United States, there is a concentrated effort to share best practices and expertise across the offshore diamond and energy family of companies. We provide exceptional value and service to all our customers by leveraging our significant experience in merchandising, marketing and technology across our business lines.

Our Purpose
Why we exist as a company

To responsibly unlock energy

Our Mission
How we deliver on our purpose every day

With respect for the lives we touch and the impact we make, we deliver fresh perspectives to anticipating and solving complex deepwater challenges.

Our Vision
Where we will be in five to ten years as a result of delivering on our purpose

We see a world in which affordable and plentiful energy is delivered safely from the deepest waters.

Our Values & Behaviors
The principles that guide our behaviors, who we show ourselves to be through our action.Run to the challenge.Deliver on what you promiseGo Beyond,Solve tomorrow's problems today.Make it better than you found it.Have Courage.Challenge conventional thinking Speak up, even when it's tough.Exercise Care .Respect that every action has consequences.Never cut corners.Win Together.Learn from each other
Share success.Champion a "Culture of We".

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